Pink Dawn

Morning poems: 

Waking                                                               Pinks                                      

How sweet to wake                                        Eyes closed

unprompted in the dark                                I run the curtain

with no sense of weight                                at my window

or boundary of self                                        and feel the sun

but as mist forms                                          upon my skin,

on a distant planet                                        its rose glow

to drip/lactate                                                winceyette

without ubication                                          inside my lids,

of duty or need,                                             the colour

no portolan chart                                          of the blanket

to help navigate                                            in which I curled

the shallows of light                                     when mother

under that curtain.                                        on her shoulder

                                                                       showed me the world.


Swallows                                                      Quimper

If a hundred swallows flew                     Music led us to a room

overhead I'd be the last                            overlookng the garden

to see them, eyes on tree tops.               where breakfast was laid out

What chance, then, on a misty               neat as pipes and organ stops.

April morning, to see one                         Under a solemn sky

at this lakeside?  I mean, what                 blackbirds pecked at the hard ground,

chance to catch in flight the one             giving us hope.  That day no

whose darting grace dumbfounded         gaps in our conversation

me those many moons ago,                     needed filling.  Standing stones

got me thinking I could fly?                     and Tanguy's paintings made sense.


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