Sun on water makes a bee-line

for me: from horizon blaze to

amber rock pools where a cormorant

lifts its wings on the evening air,

it picks me out.  Why, I know not,

but it lustres me, icons me,

privileges my being here,

and when I move on, it follows.


Posted by Robert Edward Gurney on
Were you inspired by Guillén or Salinas when writing 'Lustre'?
Posted by Robert on
Well spotted, Bob. Probably more by Guillen, I'd say. I spent time with him in Nerja in 1969, visiting him every other day for nearly a fortnight, then at his son Claudio's home in La Jolla California in 71. I was blown away by his kindness: me, a postgrad student, and he widely regarded then as Spain's greatest living poet. His existential theme 'fe de vida' went in through my pores, but I like to think the image of sun on water, moving when you move, is my own take.
There again, Salinas writes a lot on sea, for instance the 'mar de Puerto Rico' in his little known collection 'El contemplado', so who knows if there isn't something similar there?
Thanks for the observation.
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