July 4

A big day for throwing off the old and embracing the new, in the US at least.

In that spirit, see Changing Plans by Burning Ice (son-in-law James) on You Tube today.  It's viral!

My contribution is prompted by Nick Duffell's Wounded Leaders, British Elitism and the Entitlement Illusion, a sharp take on Britain's governance by old Etonians et al which complements Owen Jones' view from the other end of the telescope: Chavs, the demonization of the working class.  Aye.



Mummy and Daddy love you but

it’s time for you to go now son,

show us what you’re made of, man up,

chin out, two fingers and all that,

sangfroid, number 1, get my drift?

Top dog gives everything except

a shit, makes shedloads, entitled, is

someone, know what I mean?  Chop chop,

in the name of God and Mammon

go put your bloody armour on.

PS.  And while we're at it:  Go, Scotland!  Escape the dead hand of entitlement. 

Posted by Robert Gurney on
I know exactly how you feel, Rob.

I have just reviewed African Aftermath by Jonathan Bower.

I hope to put it up on Amazon soon.

In that book, which explores Laurentian ideas, the male protagonist's problem stems from a deep hatred of his mother who sent him away to boarding school at a tender age.


Posted by robert on
You'd find 'Wounded Leaders', mentioned above, very interesting in its psychological aspect. Duffell went to boarding school himself, Oxford etc, later had a breakdown, had therapy, trained as a shrink and now treats those who've been through the same mill. One of his points is that having been 'rejected' (sent away) as a boy/girl, the ex-boarder is typically hard on the outside but emotionally brittle on the inside, lacking in empathy for those who suffer. Ring any bells? After the great bank scandal (from 2008) the top dogs still have their snouts in the trough while the poor are squeezed to death. Who cares? They're not entitled.
I taught for two terms at a middle range boarding school and remember my first night as assistant housemaster. Going round the dorm I found one empty bed. 'Where's so-and-so?' I asked of the missing 12 year-old. No answer. In a panic I rang the senior housemaster to explain. 'Oh, don't worry', he said. 'He's gone off with his tent and pitched it on the other side of the cricket field. Does it at the start of every term, making a point to his parents, but we won't tell them. He'll be back in the morning'.
Posted by Lbgnenly on
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